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The Take Away

Your Online Presence

YOU and YOUR business must be in front of YOUR potential customers at the very moment they are looking for you. People these days go online to search out products and services. They are looking for businesses which fulfil their needs. YOU must have YOUR business right there.

It is not enough to have a website. The internet is crowded with websites. Every Tom, Dick and Harriet think they can build a website. Well they can but will anyone other than themselves and friends ever see it?

We don’t just build websites – we create a full online presence. However, we carry out the work in a manner suited to each individual business. Ask for one segment at a time and that is what we will do. Ask for the absolute fully fleshed out package and we will get that under way for you.

This means that you can dip your toe in the water for a start – for most people the choice is a website. Or you can dive straight in, be totally immersed. Of course if you take this analogy further you will not get the full benefit from a wet foot, you will only be able to really enjoy the water when you are able to swim easily.

If you are in business then presumably you will want people to find you. Your website is there as a place to direct people to – once they have found you. How do they find you? Well there are a whole variety of ways to get the search engines to know about you and as long as these places are properly primed they will send people on to your website. These include:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local

Each of these has its own way of doing things. Inserting everything necessary in the correct places and in the right manner will push your business to the first page.

Listing your business along with your website in web directories is another way of making your online presence noticed. There are thousands of these directories and we list sites on a regular monthly basis so that there is a continuing build up of citations. This then appears to be an almost organic spread and therefore does not ring any alarm bells with the search engines.