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Basic Package

To see a fictitious example of the Basic Package click on the following:

The Gardener

Standard Package

To see a fictitious example of the Standard Package click on the following:

The Take Away


The following sites will give ideas as to layout and content for different businesses and associations. The first three are purely fictitious. The rest are working websites.

Whatever your business, whatever your needs, let us quote for your website.

Basic Package


For some businesses all that is needed is a presence on the web. It could be called an internet business card. All businesses are now expected to have a web address which will contain the details necessary for customers to make contact. The business with a website will usually win over those without.

The basic package gives information without the need to write content for full pages. The page gives the visitor the ability to click through to map and email.

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Standard Package

This first illustration of the Standard Package is completely fictitious.

It is an online Take Away menu. It is not complete but it does show that the brochure that usually is delivered at great expense around residential areas can be placed online. The advantages here are that any part can be updated at any time so if, for instance, prices change they can be shown immediately. Also once customers know where to find it online they have no need to go through that trying to find a printed copy that is somewhere around. Nor do they ring and make queries which takes up so much time. It is always there and much, much less expensive than the printed copy.

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Blooming Lovely is set out to show one way that a florist, or similar, may present their business. Just clean cut and pretty.

This will also give you some points to ponder over whether you should have a website for your business and also some other services we offer.

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The following are websites which are working for their various businesses. Click on any image to see the full website.