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Be where people are. Facebook is where so many of YOUR prospective customers are. Just look at the statistics:

  • Over 800 million people are active users of Facebook
  • More than 50% of these visit Facebook on any given day
  • Each of these people has an average of 130 friends
  • At least 12 billion hours are spent each month by Facebook users

The individual user has his or her own page where communication is made with friends, family and acquaintances. Chatter goes on and people get to hear of everyday happenings of others as well as important events taking place in their lives. Among the news of births, marriages and deaths there are titbits and information about films they have seen, tv shows that are being watched there and then, restaurants just visited, a trip to the dentist.  All kinds of praise and damnation are served to the world via these pages.

OK so what does this mean for you? Well there are other types of pages which can be built on Facebook. These can be specifically for business. These can be built in exactly the same way as the personal pages and many of them are. However, if constructed in the right way you will not only get your existing clients to visit but will attract new prospects PLUS their primary email address.

Facebook Business Pages (they were formerly called Fanpages) can be used to keep your clients up to date with your business. When you have dealings with anyone you can get them to visit your Business Page to click on the ‘Like’ button. Then whenever you post to your Page your comment will pop up on the personal pages of ALL your clients. Don’t forget that statistic at the top of this page: 50% of users visit every day. That means that a big percentage of YOUR clients will see your announcements and information.

By having a Facebook Business Page you will be promoting your business regularly to people who are interested. You will be building up a strong relationship with all your clients.

A good Facebook Business Page will not only attract new clients directly but also serve to help push your business up the rankings of the various search engines when optimised correctly.

Facebook Business Page creation

This includes the following:

A Welcome Page

individually made for your business

Including Page banner, Like graphics, preliminary information.

A Thank You Page

More detail about your business, images, video – all dependent upon your wishes

email subscriber forms and auto responder

can be set up to capture clients and prospective clients email addresses for future marketing use

Optimised to attract targeted prospects and the ability to continually communicate with your clients

£250 plus hosting and maintenance £15 monthly