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Google Places

Google Places is a good way to drive traffic to your website AND getting on to the first page quickly.

Did you know that 20% of searches on the internet are for local businesses?

There has been a transformation in the way that people can find what they want in their own locality. This means that any business that wants to be on the first page of a search must have their Google Places page fully optimised.

Have YOUR business in front of the searcher immediately they type in their needs.

Google Places Listing

The following can be included:

  • Company Details
  • Contact Information
  • Link to Your Website
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Outline of Products and Services
  • Opening Times
  • Map Showing Exact Location

We will fully optimise your page on Google Places for 5 keywords for a one off payment of £100

Yahoo Local and Bing Local are similar to Google Places and should also be fully optimised in order to make best use of the internet. All the search engines “feed” off one another and so having all three placing YOUR business high in their individual rankings means that overall you will be higher than other businesses in your location.

Once the pages for your business have been set up there is an ongoing monthly charge which covers general maintenance plus the addition of citations all of which keep high rankings.

Search Engine Page

Start up



Google Places Optimisation (5 keywords) £150+£50
Yahoo Local Optimisation (5 keywords) £150+£50
Bing Local Optimisation (5 keywords)£150+£50
All three ordered at the same time£375 +£110

We only work with ONE business within any trade or profession in each location. This is, once we agree to work with you we will not contract to work with another competing business unless or until our link is severed. So we will put all our efforts into getting you to top the rankings for individual keywords and keep you there. If, however, our contract comes to an end we will be at liberty to work with another and put them at top ranking.