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The Take Away

Local Business?

“My business is a local business.  How will the world wide web help me?”

Perhaps you have a small business with fewer than ten employees and your work is mainly carried out offline because your customers are local.

Here are some examples of local, offline businesses:

  • A gardener
  • A builder
  • A gift shop
  • A jewellers
  • A disco
  • A band
  • A photographer

Having a presence on the web will put each of these businesses a good few steps in front of those businesses which do not have a website.

These days, so many people just go to their computers to find a local business.

Have you noticed that no one seems to use those thick yellow pages books any more?  They seem to come in the front door and straight out to the rubbish at the back.  It’s so much easier to let the computer look it all up for you.  Plus you can tell your prospective clients so much more in a website than in a couple of lines in a directory.

Do you have a Yellow Page Ad? How many visitors does it bring you? Are they absolutely on the brink of buying your products or services?

Visitors to well thought out websites are well aware of what you are offering before they actually make contact.  They are therefore the most receptive of prospects.  Just the sort of people you need.  They are ready to buy without you needing to sell.  The website does it for you.

Beside information you can let your customers get to know you in a way that a directory entry never could.  There are also various ways in which you can keep your customers coming back to you by careful use of your website.  It is possible to keep their loyalty.  They won’t even think of going to your competitors so long as you have a regularly updated site.

A website means that all businesses, large or small, can compete on a level playing field.  The work at home mother who makes beautiful dresses in the spare room, the gardener working from his truck, the accountant with smart offices, the big departmental store, the nationwide bank – they can all have an equal presence on the web.